DGSDtech.yale.edu – Digital Technology at David Geffen School of Drama

For Help

For help with DGSD digital technology equipment and resources

(Computers, printers/copiers, network drives)

Typically staffed Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:30p

To request classroom or event support

(Meetings, classes, presentations, Zoom, etc)

If possible, please submit requests at least 5 business days in advance

For help with HAUS programming and other DGSD applications

(Focus, Ashomen, Inventory, your.drama.yale.edu, etc)

For Yale ITS helpdesk or after-hours support

(NETID, password resets, VPN, Duo, general IT assistance, etc)

Available 24/7 by phone

To request website updates, additions, or corrections

(School of Drama, DGSDinfo, or Yale Rep)

Request IT Support Request Event Support Request Application Support Yale ITS Help Desk 24/7 Support


Request Web Update
  • Please do not directly email or call our team members for help. If you are unable to submit a ServiceNow ticket, please email dgsd.tech@yale.edu
  • With our limited IT resources, the ServiceNow system allows the team to track and collaborate on support requests (ensuring nothing “falls off the radar”), identify problem software and hardware, and plan for future support needs.
  • We will answer your questions or resolve your issue if it is within our purview. For matters outside our scope, we will refer you to the appropriate resource at Yale University such as the ITS Help Desk.

Student Technology Collaborative (students only)

  • The Yale Student Technology Collaborative services include software and hardware support for student’s personal laptops. STC does not charge any money for labor at our center; however, you may need to purchase replacement or upgrade parts to allow us to complete repairs. You will always have the option to cancel the repair should you not wish to incur any cost. STC will also provide students with a loaner laptop for the duration of their repair with us, if needed. View our list of services or contact STC for more information

Emergency Support

  • The ITS Help Desk is now open 24 hours, 7 days a week. For assistance, please call 203-432-9000 or email helpdesk@yale.edu.
    • The answers to many technology-related questions and issues can also be found on this site in How-To articles on the ITS website.
  • To report an emergency DGSD technology issue, please call Eric Lin at 203-432-8330
    • Please leave your name, phone number, and the nature of the emergency.

Who Does What

  • Accessibility – Public web materials or documents >> Web Services – George Tinari
  • Ashomen How to Use >> TD&P Department
  • Ashomen Software Issues >> Digital Technology
  • Aspire/CNC >> TD&P Department – Matt Welander


  • Box Cloud Storage >> ITS Help Desk


  • Canvas – Course creation/enrollments >> Registrar’s Office
  • Canvas – How To >> Poorvu Center
  • Canvas – Technical Issues >> Digital Technology
  • Clover Equipment >> Digital Technology
  • Clover Financials >> dgsd.askbusinessoffice@yale.edu
  • Computers – DGSD Owned >> Digital Technology
  • Computers – Personal >> ITS Help Desk then Digital Technology


  • DGSDinfo >> Web Services
  • Duo or Multi-factor Authentication >> ITS Help Desk then Digital Technology




  • Mailing Lists “Mailman” >> Digital Technology


  • NETID, activation, password reset >> ITS Help Desk
  • Network Shares >> Digital Technology


  • Phones – Deskphones, Cellphones >> Digital Technology
  • Printer jammed or broken >> Digital Technology
  • Printer login/Papercut issues > Digital Technology
  • Printer out of paper >> Your Senior Administrative Assistant


  • Room Reservation Classrooms Coordinator >> Ariel Yan
  • Room Reservation Production and Support Spaces Coordinator >> Nikki Mills
  • Room Reservation Rehearsal Room Coordinator >> James Mountcastle
  • Room Reservation Technical Issues >> Digital Technology


  • Software Issues on DGSD Computers >> Digital Technology


  • Tessitura – Citrix Software >> Digital Technology
  • Tessitura >> Web Services – Janna Ellis



  • Websites DGSD/YRT or Personal >> Web Services
  • Wireless Network – WiFi Issues >> Digital Technology or ITS Helpdesk
  • Wordfly >> Marketing & Communications or Web Services


  • Zoom Event or Webinar Needs >> Digital Technology
  • Zoom Issues on your personal computer >> ITS Help Desk then Digital Technology
  • Zoom Room Issues >> Digital Technology
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