DGSD maintains copiers and printers in many locations for program-related academic and production work

  • Please think before you print, reduce our environmental impact and reduce Drama School printing costs
  • Print in black and white and double sided when possible
  • Quantity of prints are monitored through PaperCut per NetID, please make sure to pick up your prints
  • Some copiers and printers are assigned to specific departments/uses and not available for general use
  • For paper jams and malfunctioning copiers/printers please submit a ServiceNow ticket
  • If you notice low paper stocks, please contact your senior administrative assistant


Only accessible from YaleSecure, YaleWireless, Yale Wired and VPN

Installing Papercut Client and Printers

Installing the PaperCut Client and Printers on PC/Windows

Installing the PaperCut Client and Printers on Mac

Special instructions for the 205 Park – 2nd Floor Printer – Fiery Drivers (primarily used by design department)

Please visit YPPS BluePrint for more information


Community Copier/Printer locations

Printer Name Model Location Capabilities
YSD_GLOBAL_PRINT Generic Postscript All DGSD printers Depends where print is released
YSD_1156_GREENROOM Ricoh SPC242DN-RIC 1156 Chapel St/Basement-Green Room Color Printer
YSD_149_COLOR Ricoh MPC6503SP 149 York St/2nd Fl/Near Restrooms Color Copier
YSD_205_ROBLAB Ricoh MP6503SP 205 Park St/Robertson Lab B/W Copier
YSD_212_DRAMATURGY Ricoh MP301SPF 212 York St/Room 007/Basement B/W Copier
YSD_217_2NDFLOOR Ricoh MPC3004EX 217 Park St/2nd Fl/Outside Directors Seminar Color Copier
YSD_222_COLOR Ricoh MPC6503 222 York St  2nd FL/Production Hallway Color Copier
YSD_222_WFPLOTTER Ricoh MPCW22O1 222 York St  Basement Color Plotter
YSD_222_AMD_3FL Ricoh MP4055SP 222 York St/3rd Fl Copy Room B/W Copier
YSD_222_B1 Ricoh IMC3500 222 York St/Basement Color Copier
YSD_305_RM210 Ricoh MPC4503 305 Crown St/Drama Rm210/2nd Fl Color Copier
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