Email, NETID and Duo Support

NetID Assistance

Your NetID identifies you to Yale University. You will be required to provide this NetID and a password when you log into certain sites that require authentication.

Only Yale ITS Helpdesk can assist with NetID activation, pins and passwords. To contact Help Desk, Call 203-432-9000 Email or Submit an ITS Helpdesk Ticket


Drama School Students, Staff and Faculty are provided Office365 (also known as Outlook) emails accounts, access your Office365/Outlook webmail here  Log in using your Yale email address and your NetID password.

Our recommendation to individuals using either MacOS or Windows operating system, is to install and use Outlook for Office 365; you can find information on obtaining the installer here.

iPhone/iPad and Android users can download the Outlook app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

For select users of EliApps (also known as Google accounts) access your EliApps email account here

Information about DGSD mailing lists

Change Your Preferred Name/ Email Alias

If your preferred first name differs from your legal first name, you may submit a request that your preferred name be used.

You can find more information about this process here: How to change your preferred first name and email alias.

DUO (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Yale University uses DUO MFA to verify identity using a second factor (like a mobile device, landline or hardware token) thereby preventing anyone but the user from logging in and adding security to your account.

For assistance with DUO please contact Yale ITS Help Desk Call 203-432-9000 Email or Submit a ITS Helpdesk Ticket

Please read the full MFA guide which describes how to enroll your first device.

You will use your registered device to verify identity when accessing Yale resources. You can also setup DUO to do this using voice call, push notification or one-time pass code. If you have a smartphone, we recommend using the Duo Mobile application and push notification.

Yale University ITS recommends everyone have at least two options set up for DUO multifactor authentication (DUO-MFA). You can link multiple devices to your account, you can use your mobile phone, a landline or tablet as your second factor.

Enrolling your first device

  1. When you are initially enrolled in Multifactor Authentication (DUO-MFA), you will be able to set up a device and download the app for DUO at
  2. log in with your NetID and password. It will detect you have no enrolled devices and begin the enrollment process exactly as in the enrollment email. Just follow the on screen instructions to complete setup.

Enrolling additional devices

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Enter your NetID & NetID password
  3. In My Settings & Devices
  4. Choose an authentication device and select your authentication method for verification
  5. Once you have approved the authentication, click + Add another device
  6. Follow the enrollment wizard selecting the options you wish for the device type you are adding

For more information on managing devices please visit:

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