Mailing Lists

DGSD maintains several mailing lists or “listservs” for various community groups.

Anyone who is a member of a list can send email to the list. To limit spam and inappropriate messages, emails from non-members are held for moderation.

Please be considerate when emailing large groups of people. 

Please Bcc!

When sending to email lists, please put the list address in the Bcc (blind carbon copy) field. This prevents “reply-all” responses from being sent to everyone on the list. It is good practice (and required in some cases) to have an email address in the “To” field, so you can always use your own email address for that purpose.

Reply-all to a mailing list message is typically discouraged.

The all-school email lists are below. Departments/programs use additional email lists, please reach out to them directly for information.

    • This list should only be used for official communications from the school to students.

    • This list is to be used for informal communications with DGSD students—e.g., elective work-study opportunities, upcoming events, communications from student groups, furniture for sale or the taking, etc.

    • All DGSD/YRT Staff

    • DGSD regular faculty, 12 month lecturers, and staff who teach

    • DGSD visiting faculty


Reach out to Marketing & Communications or George Tinari for help setting up WordFly email campaigns, design, features, etc.


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