Request Help

For help with DGSD technology

(Computers, keyboards, mice, printers/copiers, projectors, DGSD-supplied phones, etc)

To request technical setup or support for an event

(Meetings, classes, presentations, Zoom, etc)

For help with HAUS and other DGSD applications

(Focus, Ashomen, Inventory, etc)

For general IT help or after-hours support

(NETID, VPN, Duo, etc)

To request website updates, additions, or corrections

(School of Drama, DGSDinfo, or Yale Rep)

Request IT Support Request Event Support Request Application Support ITS Help Desk 24/7 Support


Request Web Update
  • With our limited IT resources, the ServiceNow system allows us to track and prioritize support requests (ensuring nothing “falls off the radar”), identify problem software and hardware, and plan for future support needs. Further, this system affords us the ability to keep track of the nature and volume of support requests.
  • Please do not directly email our staff for help. If you are unable to submit a ServiceNow ticket, please email
  • We will answer your questions or resolve your issue if it is within our purview. For matters outside our scope, we will refer you to the appropriate resource at Yale University such as the ITS Help Desk.

Student Technology Collaborative (students only)

The Student Technology Collaborative (STC) employs over two hundred students in several information technology roles at Yale. Please visit the STC websites for more information

Contact Digital Technology for help with DGSD-owned computers and equipment

Emergency Support

  • The ITS Help Desk is now open 24 hours, 7 days a week. For assistance, please call 203-432-9000 or email
    • The answers to many technology-related questions and issues can also be found on this site in How-To articles on the ITS website.
  • To report an emergency DGSD hardware issue, please call Eric Lin at 203-432-8330
    • Please leave your name, phone number, and the nature of the emergency.

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